Applying For A Free Boiler

Considering applying for a free boiler?


By now most people should have heard of the free gas boiler scheme right? If you haven’t or need to know a bit more about it here is the deal.

If you own your own home or rent privately, and your boiler is old, broken or inefficient, you may qualify for a new high efficiency gas boiler which is supplied and installed free of charge. To qualify for a free boiler you must also meet certain income / benefit related requirements. More info on grant eligibility can be found here, Free Boilers – Grant FAQ’s.

Applying for a free boiler
If you think you may be eligible for a free boiler grant here’s how to apply. It is a simple process with no complicated terms & conditions.

Step 1 – Free boiler online application form

Free boilers apply online

apply online

 The first step is to follow our easy online application form. You will be asked a few simple questions with regards to your existing boiler and heating type, your current situation including your home ownership status and which type of benefits or tax credits you currently claim, if any.

You will not be asked to provide any personal details unless you qualify for a free boiler or home insulation grant.


Step 2 – Free boiler survey & check

Free Boiler Check & Survey

Boiler Check

A member of our team will contact you (normally straight away) to confirm the details of your free boiler application and pass your details on to a local approved boiler installer.

The boiler company will send an energy assessor to survey your boiler and confirm its suitability for replacement. He / she will do a quick check to confirm your boiler type and suitability for the grant scheme.

The assessor will help you fill in a grant application form and inform you regarding any documentation you should provide.

Step 3 – Free boiler install

free boiler install

free boiler install

You will then be given a date for your new boiler to be installed free of charge. There are no complicated terms & conditions.

Your replacement boiler will be an A rated condensing gas boiler. This type of boiler uses less energy to heat your home & central heating.

This means your heating bills will be lower and you will also help the environment by lowering carbon emissions.


Find out more about free boilers at

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The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) is an home energy improvement scheme which is led by the UK Government and funded by the country’s largest energy providers.

ECO provides homeowners, landlords and private tenants with access to Government grant funding for free boiler replacements to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

You can claim a full and partial grant for a new boiler or insulation if you meet the ECO grant criteria.

How can we help you?

We have helped thousands of households with free boiler grant applications.

Many people find applying for a grant a daunting experience. So we have simplified the process to make it easier for you.

You can check online in two minutes to see if you are eligible for a new boiler or insulation – without entering any personal details.

You will only be asked for any further information if you want to apply for a grant.

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