Free Boilers Scheme

Free  Boiler SchemeThe free boiler grant scheme now includes gas, oil and LPG boilers

Government grants for free boilers are available through the ECO Affordable Warmth scheme until the end of 2018. Low income families can now access funding through the free boiler scheme to replace inefficient boilers. If you qualify we can arrange for an approved company to contact you and install your free boiler.

You must own or privately rent your home. Your existing boiler must also be more than 5 years old, Boiler grants are non-repayable so you don't have to pay any money back if you qualify.

You can now also get a grant to replace LPG and oil boilers. Find out now if you qualify for a free boiler replacement.

Free Boilers Scheme

Free boilers are being installed in homes across the UK as part of the Government ECO grant scheme. Pensioners, single parents and those on benefits can take advantage of the replacement boiler scheme which is designed to lower heating bills and improve your carbon footprint.

ECO is funded by the UK’s “Big Six” energy providers – British Gas, NPower, EDF Energy, EON, SSE & Scottish Power. Boiler grants are designed to help low-income families and those living in “fuel poverty” meet the cost of heating their homes by providing help to cover the cost of installing a new boiler.

The Energy Company Obligation is split into three components – Affordable Warmth, Carbon Saving Community Obligation and the Carbon Saving Obligation.

Funding for the free boiler scheme is part of the Affordable Warmth group. Affordable Warmth replaced the government’s boiler scrappage scheme and will run through 2017 until September 2018.

It is part of an international drive to improve our carbon footprint and help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions released into the environment.

Boiler Grants – who qualifies?

Eligible benefits for free boiler grants

 Find out if you qualify for a boiler grant online

If you claim benefits or tax credits, (including ESA, Income Support, Income based JSA, Tax Credits, Universal credits & pension credits) you may qualify for a new A-rated gas boiler to be installed either free of charge or heavily subsidised depending on which type of property you live in.

In addition to the correct benefits your existing boiler must be over 5 years old or function below the recommended efficiency level. Find out if you are eligible for an ECO boiler grant.

Benefits & savings

It is estimated that your hot water and radiators account for around 60% of your energy bills. You can save around £400 – £500 each year depending on the size of your home.

If you qualify for a 100% grant you will also have a brand new boiler installed free of charge. This would normally cost around £2500.

ECO insulation grants
Non-repayable grants for loft & cavity wall insulation can also be claimed via the ECO scheme. Home insulation acts as a protective barrier from the cold and helps maintain a comfortable room temperature.

A new boiler with heating controls & effective insulation can mean annual savings of over £700.

Help To Heat

The new “Help To Heat” initiative started in April and runs until September 2018. This scheme is designed to open up the Affordable Warmth component of ECO to an extra 750,000 households in the UK.

Many of the benefit income-related restrictions have now been scrapped and people with higher earnings should now be able to access grant funding for replacement boilers and home insulation

In addition to boiler grants the energy companies have been set new targets for a variety of other energy saving measures. The ECO scheme has now been extended to cover LPG, oil and electric heating systems.

If you claim Tax Credits, Pension Guarantee Credit, Income Support, Income based JSA or Universal Credit it is now much easier to access non-repayable funding for ECO measures.

An annual restriction of 25000 free eco boilers per year has now been put in place. Other heating types have no such limits, although funding will probably end in the Autumn of next year so it is best to move quickly to take advantage of the offer.

Free boiler replacement for pensioners

The recent changes in Government ECO legislation are designed to help households deemed to be in “fuel poverty” who struggle with the rising cost of energy bills. one group of people who fall into this category are pensioners and the elderly. For pensioners on lower incomes meeting the cost of heating their homes can be difficult during winter months.

Free boiler replacements are still possible for pensioners who claim the Pension Guarantee component of State Pension Credit top ups. However, those who claim the savings element of this benefit are not eligible to claim for a free boiler.

Free LPG and Oil Boilers

Adjustments to the Government ECO scheme mean that there is now additional funding for free oil and LPG boiler replacements. Energy grants are now being focused on properties which are non-gas.

This includes homes in which oil, LPG and electric storage heaters are the main source of heating.

This is good news for families who live in rural areas which are off the mains gas grid who have previously not had access to financial help to upgrade their outdated central heating boilers.

If you are eligible for ECO you can have a high efficiency free LPG boiler or oil boiler fitted at no cost.

If you think you could benefit from this initiative and want to upgrade your boiler free of charge please apply now as the ECO grant scheme is limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Pay Monthly Boilers

If you don't qualify you can still upgrade your heating for as little as £20 per month. Pay monthly boilers with flexible finance options are now available from most installers.

We can help you split the cost of a new boiler into manageable monthly payments which suit your budget. Normally the energy savings you make should cover the monthly payments.

New installations come with a variety of maintenance options. So you can make more savings by cancelling any boiler cover that you have. Simply enter your contact details and a member of our team will contact you with the latest Boiler finance plans from installers in your area.

Boiler Quotes

If you are not eligible for a replacement boiler grant we still may be able to help heat your home more efficiently by getting the best price for a new gas boiler.

Through our network of UK installers we can provide you with a no obligation free boiler quote.

Energy Efficiency

 Boiler Energy Efficiency Ratings in the UK
In the UK gas boilers are rated A-G according to efficiency. If you have a G rated boiler, which is 65% efficient, for every pound you spend on energy costs you are wasting 35p

This contributes to the overall energy performance of your property and is included in any Energy Performance Report (EPC).

By replacing your old boiler you can lower your energy bills substantially each year and improve your carbon footprint – Find out more. Energy Performance

Condensing gas boiler

Condensing boilers are widely accepted to be the most efficient. They work in a different way from regular or system boilers.

They use less energy to heat your water and your home which means huge annual savings and also reduces harmful carbon emissions.

Your water is preheated by using waste heat from flue gases. As cold water enters the boiler it is warmed before combustion by the burner.

Therefore your heating doesn’t need to be on for as long. Or it can be turned down to a lower level but still maintains a comfortable temperature in your rooms.

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How we can help

Boiler scheme application

Free boilers are available throughout England, Scotland and Wales for households that qualify. Use our online service to find out if you can get a grant. It only takes a few minutes.

Applying for a boiler grant

If you are eligible for grant funding we will then pass your details to a Government approved installer. The whole process is straightforward and your new boiler is normally fitted in around 3-4 weeks.

The installer will arrange an appointment at your home with an energy assessor. He / she will check to see how old your boiler is and assess its efficiency rating. They will also confirm your eligibility for a grant.

Boilers are installed free of charge by a certified local heating / gas engineer and will include a manufacturer’s warranty etc.

Your boiler will be one from of the well known boiler manufacturers – Vaillant, Baxi, Ideal or Worcester Bosch etc. Your installer will advise you on your choices and the finer details of the installation.

All installations are fitted by Government approved Gas Safe Installers.

We have helped thousands of people in the UK reap the economic and environmental benefits of upgrading to a new A rated boiler.

Use our easy online application to find out if you qualify for financial help. It will only take a few minutes.

If you qualify we will put you in touch with a Government approved installer who will assist you with your application.

Landlord Boiler Scheme

Landlords can take advantage of the scheme in more than one property. ECO is ultimately designed to lower carbon dioxide emissions and the scheme’s aim is to make as many houses as possible more energy efficient.

So if the existing boiler & property meet the correct criteria, and your tenant claims the correct combination of benefits or tax credits there is no limit to the amount of times you can apply for a replacement. Even in your own home.

More information about free boilers for landlords and tenants can be found here – Grant scheme for landlords.


“When I first heard about the government energy grant scheme I was a bit dubious. I thought it was too good to be true.”

“I applied for a grant and found out that I qualified for heating & insulation because I received Pension Credits. The whole process was easy with no hassle. The gas engineer who installed my free combi boiler was very helpful and answered any questions I asked.”

“My central heating is now functioning correctly and I am not throwing money away. I am looking forward to seeing a reduction on my gas bill this winter. I can’t thank you enough.” – Paula, London.

“I had a free boiler installed via the grant scheme and would advise anyone to take advantage. I noticed substantial savings on my gas bills immediately” –
Mrs Grant, Scotland.

If you want to find out more about the Energy Company Obligation or other Government energy grants that may be available to you please visit the following link – Government ECO Scheme.

It should be noted that installers are currently focusing on installing new boilers in off-gas properties with oil and LPG as a main heating type.

Larger properties with gas heating may still qualify for a grant but you may be required to make a small contribution towards the cost of a new boiler, which will still be subsidised.

To qualify for a free boiler you must meet the means-tested income and benefits criteria. The amount of government grant funding you get depends on a number of factors including your current boiler and home insulation levels