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Free boiler grant scheme 2017

Government funding for free boiler replacements are available through the ECO grant scheme until Autumn 2018. The scheme has been set up to help families on a low income replace their inefficient boilers. If you qualify we can arrange for an approved company to contact you. All boilers are installed free of charge.

What is the boiler scheme?

ECO is a Government scheme that is funded by the UK’s largest utility companies and was set up to tackle carbon emissions. In addition it is designed to help people with home efficiency improvements to lower the cost of heating their homes.

If your boiler is old or inefficient and you receive certain benefits or tax credits you may qualify for a replacement boiler. A home energy assessment is necessary to see if you you meet the eligibility criteria. This is also carried out at no cost.

An assessor will have a look at your existing gas boiler (must not be a condensing type) and discuss any benefits or tax credits you claim. If you qualify your new boiler will be fitted for free. There are no hidden costs or conditions.

Do I qualify for a free boiler grant?

To qualify for ane ECO grant your existing boiler must be over 8 years old or have low efficiency rating (between E and G). Furthermore, someone who lives in your home must claiming one of the following –


  • Pension Guarantee Credit
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income Support

Tax Credits / Universal Credits

OccupantsTax Credits
Gross income 
Universal Credit
Monthly Income
1 adult   £13,200   £1,100
1 child£17,400£1,450
2 children£21,600£1,800
3 children£25,800£2,150
4+ children£30,000£2,500
2 adults   £19,800£1,650
1 child£24,000£2,000
2 children£28,200£2,350
3 children£32,400£2,700
4+ children£36,600£3,050

 How do I apply for a free boiler?

If you decide to apply for an ECO boiler grant it is a straightforward hassle free process. All you will need to provide is a few contact details.

We will then put you in touch with an approved installer. Every company we work with has been verified and carries the recommended industry certificates necessary to work on the ECO scheme.

The installer will then arrange a short visit to your home to carry out a free energy assessment. This will include –

  • checking your boiler to assess its efficiency
  • verifying your eligibility for a boiler grant
  • free survey to check if additional work is required

The assessor will confirm that you meet the income-related criteria, and that your boiler qualifies to be replaced. He/she will then arrange a time that is convenient for your new boiler to be fitted. It’s that simple.

Free boilers scheme is funded by the UK's major energy providers

Free boilers are being funded by the UK’s major utility companies including British Gas £ EDF

What if I don’t qualify for a free boiler?

If you don’t claim benefits or tax credits and the price of a new boiler is too much for you to pay in one go you can take advantage of a new way of paying for a new boiler. Most boiler installation companies are now offering boiler finance plans.

You can have a new energy efficient boiler installed with no upfront cost and the savings you make on your gas bills contributes towards the monthly payments.

If you choose wisely any existing boiler cover you have is not needed as your new one will come with a warranty.

Free boiler grants for landlords & tenants

Landlords can take advantage of the scheme in unlimited properties. Providing the existing boiler & property meets the correct grant criteria, and a tenant claims the correct combination of benefits or tax credits.

More information for landlords.

Apply for a free boiler

Additional Information

Fitting a modern condensing gas boiler will power your central heating system & heat your hot water more efficiently. But one of the most effective ways to lower energy use in the home, and therefore save money, is to have effective home insulation installed.

In addition to free boiler grants the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) also provides funding to install free loft insulation & cavity wall insulation in many properties throughout the UK.

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The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) is an home energy improvement scheme which is led by the UK Government and funded by the country’s largest energy providers.

ECO provides homeowners, landlords and private tenants with access to Government grant funding for free boiler replacements to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

You can claim a full and partial grant for a new boiler or insulation if you meet the ECO grant criteria.

How can we help you?

We have helped thousands of households with free boiler grant applications.

Many people find applying for a grant a daunting experience. So we have simplified the process to make it easier for you.

You can check online in two minutes to see if you are eligible for a new boiler or insulation – without entering any personal details.

You will only be asked for any further information if you want to apply for a grant.

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