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Compare boiler quotes & get the best price for a new boiler

Get three no obligation boiler quotes from approved boiler installers.

We can help you get the best price for a new boiler by putting you in touch with three independent & approved boiler installers. Each will provide you with a no obligation boiler quote. This is a free service and there is no obligation to continue with any boiler quotation.

Lower Energy Costs

If you are not eligible for a free boiler under the ECO grant scheme scheme we still may be able to help heat your home more efficiently by getting the best price for a new gas boiler.

As energy bills continue to rise the cost of heating your home is becoming more expensive. Your boiler needs to function efficiently to reduce the cost of heating your water and central heating system.

If your boiler is over 10 years old the chances are that it will be costing more than it should to heat your home. It is estimated that by installing a new energy efficient boiler can save around £300 each year (£25 per month) in the average home.

Heating your hot water and central heating accounts for around 60% of your total energy bills so it is important that your boiler is functioning at its optimum potential so that you can heat your home for the lowest cost possible.

Through our network of UK boiler installers we can provide you with a free no obligation quotes for a new A rated condensing boiler. Gas boiler installation companies in England, Scotland and Wales are offering new condensing gas boilers at reduced prices as part of the attempt to lower Carbon emission levels. Many boiler suppliers are offering discounts on boilers as well as free installation.

There are also many pay monthly boiler finance plans to chose from, although if you choose one of these you may have to pay interest as it will be effectively be a loan.

Free boiler quotes – How does it work?


Boiler quotes - enter detailsBegin boiler quotation process
Leave a few details and we will help you compare the market by arranging three separate quotes from approved boiler installers in your area. Your details will not be passed on to anyone other than the approved installers.

Boiler quotes - approved installers

Get three  no obligation boiler quotes
Using our network of approved and verified UK boiler companies we will put you in touch with three installers who will determine the best type of boiler for heating your water and central heating efficiently depending on your property type.

Boiler quotes - get three no obligation quotesCompare boiler prices

The three independent (unconnected) installers will provide you with separate no obligation boiler quotes.

Choose quote
Choose the best price for your new boiler
YOU can then select the best price for a new boiler. All free boiler quotations are offered on a no obligation basis so you will not be put under any pressure to go ahead with a boiler installation.

  • All boilers will be Grade A condensing boilers from one of the major supplier (Ideal, Baxi etc.) and come with the usual manufacturer’s warranty etc.
  • You can expect to pay anywhere in the region of between £1500 – £2500
  • Boilers are normally installed for free
  • Boilers will normally be installed within two months.

Boiler Quote - Get no obligation quotes and lower the cost of a new boiler

Get free boiler quotes from local installers

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The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) is an home energy improvement scheme which is led by the UK Government and funded by the country’s largest energy providers.

ECO provides homeowners, landlords and private tenants with access to Government grant funding for free boiler replacements to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

You can claim a full and partial grant for a new boiler or insulation if you meet the ECO grant criteria.

How can we help you?

We have helped thousands of households with free boiler grant applications.

Many people find applying for a grant a daunting experience. So we have simplified the process to make it easier for you.

You can check online in two minutes to see if you are eligible for a new boiler or insulation – without entering any personal details.

You will only be asked for any further information if you want to apply for a grant.

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